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Every travel and hospital business wants to build a strong pipeline and accelerate the sales cycle by generating highly qualified leads. To achieve this, both a strategic plan and the right approach are something that businesses can’t afford to overlook in today’s highly competitive landscape. You need to have a robust telemarketing campaign to gain visibility across the travel and hospitality industry. Our result-oriented telemarketing service can help you improve your business growth, and you can drive up the sales of your services.


Cost efficiency

Hiring a professional telemarketing company is a proven strategy to boost the growth of Travel and hospitality enterprises, especially when the cost of hiring a sales team is too high. This assures you that you have made a worthwhile investment. Telemarketing service is way cheaper compared to many other marketing methods, as the results are much more swift.

Customers Convenience

Telemarketing helps to bring travel and hospitality services straight to customers. The customers will be able to interact with our telemarketers directly. They can ask questions or raise any concerns instead of waiting for, which can be frustrating for both the parties. Telemarketers can also help you determine the interest that your service has, and how favourable it is to the customers. This vital information will help you make critical business decisions, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Measurable Results

A telemarketing service provider can assist you in analysing and measuring the results of your telemarketing campaign. The information you get from analysing these campaigns can be used in the future for other marketing campaigns.


You might opt to choose your own data to cut costs. While this might seem cost-effective, poorly sourced data is often not effective in converting leads, and this will affect your ROI. On the other hand, TnHS only provides leads based on relevant data. Our accurate and targeted data leads to a significant boost in conversion, which is good for your business.

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The temptation to hire temporary telemarketers is high because they come at a low cost, and are paid low wages on an hourly basis. However, the problem with this is that temporary telemarketers often don’t have in-depth knowledge of your services. Experienced telemarketers express themselves clearly and confidently even when faced with multiple question at the same time from a client no matter how agitated he/she is. Also, because they are skilled, they know how to capture the attention of the caller with certain phrases. A seasoned telemarketer will address the need of a client as opposed to just selling. Temporary telemarketers also lack commitment, which you get from full-time professionals who guarantee their services to promote your sales.

TnHS is a telemarketing service provider that offers a comprehensive spectrum of solutions to aid travel and hospitality businesses trying to improve sales growth.


CRS Technologies India Private Limited have been into Reservations Technology for Hotels since 1999 and handle 400 plus hotels in the country and have researched and implemented different technologies for travel trade like portals and back office automation.

Increased Efficiency

With the ability to create an instant rapport with your customer base, a professional telemarketer can improve the call rates hugely. This increased efficiency of your marketing strategy also simultaneously boosts sales. Multiple telemarketers experienced in the travel and hospitality sector join hands to promote your campaign. This combined effort is almost impossible to achieve through other methods.

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