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Whether to outsource hotel reservations is a dilemma that has been continuously bothering hoteliers. Various factors may compel a hotelier to consider outsourcing hospitality reservations to a call center for managing reservations and guest queries. This need might have arisen from an inability to provide round-the-clock, multilingual reservations support that might have lead to diminishing guest satisfaction and loss of business. Hotel businesses may also feel the urge to explore call center solutions when dealing with cost pressures or handling guest complaints resulting from inefficient processes and below-par services.

Do you think there is a scope for improvement in the way you currently manage reservations and customer helpline? If yes, then outsourcing your reservations desk can prove to be beneficial for you. Apart from helping you minimise overhead expenses, outsourcing hotels reservation desk can be instrumental in increasing operational efficiency and the level of service rendered by your in-house staff.

TnHS hotel reservations outsourcing provides

Improved Service

TnHS has the necessary technology and infrastructure to provide around the clock, year-round reservations support. Our team is capable of delivering exemplary service such as answering calls, replying to email queries, managing online reservations. A reservations call center can be an intelligent solution to your front desk challenges. The benefits of hospitality reservation desk outsourcing are not limited to savings alone or the fact that you in better control of your expenses with more direct bookings, pre-negotiated rates, and planned costs.

Outsourcing hotel reservations to a professional service provider such as TnHS will guarantee that incoming calls from prospective clients will not go unanswered; no matter what time or holiday it is. By freeing yourself from the day-to-day monitoring of your hotels’ reservations and help desk, you can focus on providing better services for your existing guests while we will work on assisting your clients by providing them with prompt and query redressal.

The goal of TnHS hotel reservations outsourcing is to drive conversions. Through exceptional service led by a problem-solving approach, we help convert more calls into bookings, simultaneously setting the stage for a superior guest-hotel relationship in the days to come.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

The front desk of the hotel is the hotspot of activity and can sometimes be overwhelming urgent requests, demanding customers, guest complaints, email queries can sometimes be hard for your staff to handle. They have other duties to fulfill, such as up-selling and cross-selling services to guests. Thus often, instead recommending suitable upgrades, reservation staff are often engaged in responding to customer needs reactively. Considering how vital these opportunities can be in providing the best experiences to your guests, missing them means you risk losing your competitive edge.

A hotel reservations outsourcing firm such as TnHS has in house professionals with extensive experience in hospitality. Apart from being familiar with the industry, our qualified and trained reservation experts are well-versed in the techniques to identify and exploit up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase your revenue.

Reduced Risk

Customer volume fluctuations in the hospitality industry is frequent as the number of customer/queries drastically vary from off-season to on-season. Most small or midsize hotels are not equipped with the resources to scale up and down quickly to tackle this fluctuation. There is also a heightened risk of disrupting your front desk operations and your staff being exhausted, thus unable to provide top-notch services when trying to ramp up quickly. There also lies a possibility of acute staff shortage because of sudden illness or attrition too.

This is where outsourcing can hugely benefit you. Hotel reservations outsourcing services from TnHS offers you flexible and scalable support models which enable swift alignment of resources to your project on short notice. It will also allow you to mitigate risk by handling seasonal spikes and other related emergencies in a way that does not impact your business services.

TnHS will be in constant touch with you as a partner, helping you boost your revenue and efficiency through cross-selling, up-selling, direct bookings, optimized processes, and much more. We do everything with the sole intention to fulfill your and your clients’ needs, resolve complaints to the customers’ satisfaction, and prevent reservation cancellations. To know more about what all TnHS offers as part of its hotel reservations outsourcing , get in touch with us.

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